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Monkey Business Party Rentals is your number one party rental company in Birmingham for:  Party Rentals, Tables, Chairs, Concessions, Inflatable Moonwalks, Combo Units, Inflatable Slides,

Water Slide Rentals, Interactive Inflatables Dunk Tanks and more.

Tents rentals for all occasions

Monkey Business Party Rentals provides tents for rent to all of the Birmingham, Alabama area. We make tent rentals in Birmingham easy. Whether you are planning a simple garden party, an afternoon office party, or an elaborate wedding, we are proud to offer a size and style of tent that is suitable for your function. We strive to create the atmosphere that you want.

All tents are of excellent quality and are installed by trained, professional, insured staff. We also offer a full range of accessories to complement your special event.

High Peak

Tent Rentals

10‘x10’: $100/day

(Seats up to 12) Holds up to Round Tables 2

15‘x15’: $200/day

(Seats 20-30) Holds up to Round Tables 3

20’x20’: $350/day

(Seats 30-35) Holds up to Round Tables 4

20‘x40’: $750/day

(Seats 65-80) Holds up to Round Tables 10

10x10 Frame Tent

15 x 15 High Peak Tent

20 x 20 High Peak Tent

The Premiere high peak tent is an elegant high peak, high slope party tent with stylish peaks, smooth curves and a modern profile that will add elegance to any venue.

The High Peak Tent is designed and installed using tensioned cross cables, instead of a center pole or interior frame which supports a high peak flying mast generating an elegant look for any occasion. The 16 oz. blockout vinyl top is tensioned down at each corner pole using our ratcheting rope lock system.

This is a great tent rental for your next event in the Birmingham, Hoover area.

Frame Tent Rentals

20x40: $500/day     (Seats 64-80)

30x30: $550/day     (Seats 72-110)

30x40: $650/day     (Seats 96-140)

30x50: $750/day     (Seats 100-175)

30x60: $850/day     (Seats 144-192)

40x40: $1300/day   (Seats 128-160)

40x60: $1700/day   (Seats 215-245)

Tent Walls
Solid Side Walls:
$1.50/ Linear Foot
Cathedral Side Walls: $2.00/ Linear Foot
Clear Side Walls: $2.00/ Linear Foot

Monkey Business can install frame tents without staking. If you have a parking lot, driveway, patio, or other non-stakeable surface, weights can be used to secure frame tents. EVERY tent needs to be adequately tied down so that the wind will not move them.

Frame tents have no poles in the center of the tent. The tent's frame is designed to carry the weight of the entire tent on the legs around the tent's outside edges.

Frame Tents

113 David Green Road Hoover, AL 35244

Office Hours: 24 Hours a day.

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113 David Green Road Hoover, AL 35244

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