Hello Kitty Jump

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Our 3-Dimensional Hello Kitty Bounce House features the fascinating character Hello Kitty among some of kitty’s best friends. Your little ones will be amazed when they see this Hello Kitty moonwalk / Bounce House that resembles Hello Kitty’s home. The officially licensed Hello Kitty moonwalk is available to request for your special occasion and among a favorite for birthday parties. Monkey Business Party Rentals is Birmingham’s favorite rental company for inflatables like this officially licensed Cars moonwalk shown here. We also have many other officially licensed inflatables including jump houses / moonwalks, combo units, obstacle courses, slides, and water slides that can make your party a great success! Monkey Business Party Rentals also rents tables, chairs, tents and linens. We have an event planning specialist available by appointment to discuss your upcoming special occasion. Located in the Riverchase area of Hoover, Alabama we are centrally located in the Birmingham metropolitan area and have a wide range of delivery areas to service your party rental needs. Monkey Business Party Rentals strives to provide the newest, safest  and cleanest inflatables that can be found in Birmingham, Alabama. Our event specialist, delivery drivers, set up team and customer service reps are highly trained and knowledgable to ensure your event is a huge success. Monkey Business Party Rentals located in Hoover, AL is excited to offer this officially licensed Hello Kitty moonwalk / jump house and appreciates the opportunity to service your next event. Birthday Parties are special memories and this Hello Kitty moonwalk is sure to leave lasting impressions on all who attend. Hello Kitty and the rest of her best friends along with Monkey Business Party Rentals is ready to have a blast at your next event! Call today to reserve your officially licensed Hello Kitty moonwalk today!

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