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We require you to fully read the following information regarding Monkey Business Party Rentals policies,facts and questions so there is no confusion regarding your rental experience. These polices are strongly enforced for your protection and to provide you, the lessee, with the best possible experience with our company.

Q.When do I need to reserve my rental?

As soon as you know your party date, as availability changes daily. You can reserve your unit online and see our availability on our calendar in real time.

Q.Is a deposit required and how do I make payments?

NO! We do not require a deposit, but do kindly ask with this great policy that you give a 48 hour cancellation notice either by email at orders@monkeybusinesspartyrentals.com or by phone at 205-960-7117. We accept Cash or all major credit and debt cards, including American Express upon delivery (if paying by credit / debt card please be aware that the person making payment will need to be present and be able to show a valid DL). Please note we do NOT accept checks!

Q.Is there a minimum reservation requirement?

Yes, there is a $100 minimum reservation requirement plus your applicable delivery charge.

Q.Do you deliver, set-up and pick up the rental?

Yes, we only allow for our trained Monkey Business Party Rental team members to do deliveries, set-ups, and pick-ups. We do not offer customer pick ups to ensure the rental is properly set-up for children’s safety. You will also be required upon delivery to sign our rental agreement and sign our safety procedures to ensure the children at your event have a safe and fun time.

Q.What areas of town do you deliver to and how much is the Delivery, Set up and Cleaning charge/fee?

Monkey Business Party Rentals delivers to the following areas; Hoover, Homewood, Mt. Brook, Pelham, Vestavia Hills, Leeds, Moody, and Trussville. The delivery, Set up and Cleaning charge/fee is $49 per order (one time charge if you rent more than one unit).

Q.Do you deliver to Parks?

We do offer delivery to Homewood Park. Unfortunately, this is the only park that we set up and deliver to at this time.

Q. Do you offer overnight rentals?

No, we do not offer overnight rentals. Leaving units out over night allows for condensation to set up which can lead to mold in areas that you can not get to to clean/sanitize. Children’s safety is our number one priority here at Monkey Business Party Rentals and we follow strictly enforced guidelines to ensure we provide the best experience for your event.

Q. Is Monkey Business Party Rentals Insured?

Yes, Monkey Business Rentals is fully insured on each piece of our equipment. We are happy to provide you with a faxed copy of our insurance upon request. Monkey Business Party Rentals will NOT set up at an event with uninsured competitors. If this situation arises upon delivery, please be advised that you will be responsible for payment of the rental in full and your rental with NOT be set up!

Q.How do I know when the unit will be delivered/picked up?

The day (in the afternoon) before your event a Monkey Business Party Rentals Rep. will call and confirm delivery with you, making sure all information is correct on file and give your delivery time. Delivery will be made at least 1 hour before your event/party time and the unit is guaranteed for a 6 hour rental. Deliveries are typically made between 7 am and 1 pm. Pick ups typically start around 5 pm depending on the time of year. We do try very hard to accommodate your event/party schedule. If you are having an event that has a later start time, please contact us for special arrangements.You can add an extra 2 hours to your rental to total 8 hours for an additional $35 charge.

Q.What should I expect on the day of delivery?

You will need to be prepared for our delivery drivers arrival and have your driver’s license readily available. You will be required to make payment either by cash or credit/debt card (if you using credit card/debt card – person making payment will need to be present and show DL), sign the rental agreement and safety procedure checklist. Since our delivery team is on a schedule to ensure timely arrival to all scheduled events, delivery drivers will not wait more than 10 minutes for you to accept your delivery so please be on time. Please make sure you or the responsible party is on location and prepared by taking all necessary steps provided in this information and policy section.

Q.What is your weather policy and what happens in case of rain/thunderstorms, cold temperatures, high wind or personal emergency?

A Monkey Business Party Rentals representative will contact you and discuss the weather the morning of your event if there is a weather threat or you are welcome to call us if you decide the day before you are going to cancel. You can cancel your reservation for any reason. Please note that we cannot issue refunds after our delivery team member has delivered the inflatable/moonwalk to your event. We may go on a rain delay if it looks like it will pass and arrangements can be made. We do reserve the right to cancel if weather conditions are not safe for set-up as children’s safety is the #1 top priority here at Monkey Business Party Rentals.

Q.What if it starts raining/bad weather after I have taken delivery of the unit for my event?

MOONWALKS AND ANY INFLATABLE EQUIPMENT MUST NOT BE USED IN HEAVY RAIN OR HIGH WIND! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY ISSUE! Once you have accepted delivery of your unit there is no refunds of balance or deposit. If it starts to rain and the inside of the moonwalk gets wet, everyone should exit the moonwalk and the blower unit should be turned off at the unit, and unplugged from the electrical source. Moonwalks and inflatable units can be slippery and dangerous when wet. After conditions become safe again and you ensure that the blower unit, any electrical equipment and moonwalk are completely dry, you may plug in the blowers again and turn it on to inflate the moonwalk. PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION AROUND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER. **Please call us at 205-960-7117 if you have any questions.

Q.Where can you set-up the inflatable?

Your rental can be set-up on grass, concrete and indoors in gyms with large access doors. We do provide tarps if setting up on concrete and all needed materials for the installation/set up process. The inflatable must NOT be set up near hot lights, a/c vents, or fire hazards. Commercial event halls, malls and gyms are commonly used to house events with moonwalks inside.You will need a level 20 x 20 foot area for your moonwalk. Please refer to the unit descriptions on our website for the sizing for larger units. Please make sure that your set-up area is not up stairs and that our delivery drivers have easy access to the specific set-up area. We also ask that you please make sure you have cleaned up the set-up site removing all debris, sharp objects, animal feces, rocks and sticks etc. Please note that we do not set up on sand, beach type areas, gravel, dirt etc.

Q.What kind of electrical outlet do I need and how far can we set up from it?

We provide the extension cord and the maximum set-up is 100 feet from the standard 110 outlet. We do ask that you go ahead and identify the outlet and make sure it is working before our arrival.

Q.Can I use water on any of the units that are not considered a water inflatable?

Since the water inflatables are designed specifically for water we only allow water units to be used with water for safety reasons.

Q.What do I need for my water rental?

You will need to provide a garden hose that is in good working order. We ask that you have this ready and hooked up to your water source and ready to go for the delivery team to hook it up upon delivery/set-up. Please note again that the maximum wait time for unprepared parties is 10 minutes. If you are unable to fix or correct any problem regarding the water hose or water source you will forfeit your paid in full rental. We strongly encourage you to be prepared for the delivery teams arrival as they are on a strict schedule to ensure they arrive at all events in a timely matter.

Q.Does the rental come with a generator?

In the event your party is not by an standard 110 electrical outlet, a generator is required. A generator is NOT included in your rental and Monkey Business Party Rentals does NOT rent them. The rental units require a 5500 watt generator to run 1 inflatable. A 7000 watt generator will run 2 inflatables. Major home improvement stores offer generator rentals in the Birmingham area.

Q.What if my circuit breaker trips?

We will leave your inflatable rental & blower(s) in your setup location secured and our delivery team will show you how to turn the blower on and off, which inflates the unit. We are not responsible for electrical issues so we strongly advise you make sure your electrical outlets you plan to use are in good working order before your event. Our delivery team is not permitted to help with any electrical issues. Our team is trained to set up your inflatable rental and Monkey Business Party Rentals is not responsible if you have an electrical or generator problem and Monkey Business Party Rentals will not refund you for any issues related to this.

Q.Do you provide attendants for the rental?

Monkey Business Party Rentals does not provide attendants for your rental. You are required to supervise the rentals at all times. One of our professional delivery team members will go over safety procedures with you and you will sign off that you understand how to operate and maintain the safety standards set by Monkey Business Party Rentals in compliance with the manufacture. Safety is a number one priority at Monkey Business Party Rentals and if at any time you are not enforcing safe operation we do reserve the right to end your paid in full rental.

Q.Are all your inflatable units commercial grade?

Monkey Business Party Rentals only offers the best and newest commercial grade inflatables on the market. All of our themed/character units are officially licensed through Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, etc. All units are commercial grade and size. The standard commercial grade moonwalk size we carry is 15×15. For other sizes of slides and interactive units please refer to our website and click on the unit to view dimensions.

Q.How safe are your rental units?

Our moonwalks are constructed with quality and safety in mind. All of our units have a safety entrance/exit ramp for your protection, as well as emergency exit flaps in the roof. Each unit is constructed of only the very best commercial grade 18 to 21 oz. vinyl, with double and, in some cases, quadruple stitching. All of the materials used to build moonwalks are fire retardant. The windows of the bounces are made of specially designed mesh netting, which allows for easy viewing and added security. Monkey Business Party Rentals rents only the highest quality moonwalks available in the market and encourages you to avoid unsafe, imitation inflatables.

Q.How many children and or adults can be in the moonwalk?

Monkey Business Party Rentals does require compliance with the manufactures safety procedures that only like ages, sizes, weights and heights play in the unit together. There should be no more than 10 children in a moonwalk age 8 and under at one time. Children ages 9 to 12 should have no more than 6 children together at one time. Older teens and adults should have no more than 4 in the unit at the same time. Children’s safety depends on you and you will be instructed in further detail the day of your event and required to sign off on a safety procedure checklist. As the lessee of the unit, the safety of all riders is your responsibility.

Q.What can you wear and have in the moonwalk or inflatable?

All riders must remove their shoes before playing on any Monkey Business Party Rental unit. To avoid neck and back injuries, flips are not allowed. As the supervisor and lessee you are responsible for checking to make sure children have removed their shoes, any sharp objects in their pockets and or gum/food/candy. Absolutely no “Silly String,” gum, food, candy, drinks, sticky substances, cigarettes, cigars, or pets/animals are allowed in the Monkey Business Party Rentals unit. Absolutely no smoking or hot items including outdoor grills, etc. within 25 feet of Monkey Business Party Rentals equipment. If upon pick up/inspection such cleaning for these reasons is required, a $150 cleaning fee shall automatically be imposed. If there is damage to the unit beyond cleaning, you are responsible for replacement of the Monkey Business Party Rentals unit.

Q.Is your moonwalks and other inflatable units clean/sanitized?

Monkey Business Party Rentals units are all sanitized/cleaned after each use with the manufactures recommended organic brand of Oda Band disinfectant to ensure a healthy time for the children at your event.

Q.Are Monkey Business Party Rental team members easily identifiable?

Monkey Business Party Rental team members are required to be in uniform any time on the job and are easily identifiable by their Monkey Business Party Rental blue shirts with the Monkey Business Party Rental logo on the front and back. You should only release the unit to the same driver who set it up for your event unless in an unusual circumstance in where the driver would give you the name and description of the person who will be picking up or if you receive a phone call from our office supervisor (this is in case of illness or emergency of a MBPR team member). If you have any questions on this please call our office at 205-960-7117.

Q.Does Monkey Business Party Rentals set up/take down Tables and Chairs when I rent?

Monkey Business Party Rentals offers you two ways to rent tables and chairs. The first option includes dropping off the tables and chairs only. You will be required to have the tables and chairs folded and staked so they are ready for pick up just like we dropped them off. If you would like our delivery team to set up your table and chair rentals you will need to select this option for an additional charge upon placing your reservation. If no option is selected we will assume you will be doing the set up and break down yourself.

Q.Does Monkey Business Party Rentals offer donations?

Monkey Business Party Rentals is very community driven and has  generously provided thousands of dollars worth of rental donations. Due to the heavy donation requests we receive, our policy for donation is based on need. If you would like to be considered for a donation, you will need to provide a one page essay explaining why there is a need and how it will benefit the organization and or person. We only except essays twice a year and those deadline dates are always January 1st for the following June through the end of the year and June 1st for the following January through June. These essays can be sent to orders@monkeybusinesspartyrentals.com with the subject title “Donation Request”. If your request is approved you will be required to sign a donation agreement. You will also be required to provide a credit card number to put on file for damages and or cleaning expenses if such events occur. You will be notified within 5 business days after the deadline if your donation request has been approved.

Q.Does Monkey Business Party Rentals sell inflatables?

Monkey Business Party Rentals is strictly a rental company and does not sell moonwalks or any inflatables at this time.

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