High Peak Tent Prices*

10‘x10’: $100/day  (Seats up to 12) Holds up to Round Tables 2

15‘x15’: $200/day (Seats 20-30) Holds up to Round Tables 3

20’x20’: $350/day (Seats 30-35) Holds up to Round Tables 4

20‘x40’: $750/day (Seats 65-80) Holds up to Round Tables 10



Frame Tents

Monkey Business Party Rentals has the capability to install frame tents without staking. If you have a parking lot, driveway, patio, or other non-stakeable surface, weights can be used to secure frame tents. EVERY tent needs to be adequately tied down so that the wind will not move them.

Frame tents have no poles in the center of the tent. The tent’s frame is designed to carry the weight of the entire tent on the legs around the tent’s outside edges. Monkey Business Party rentals is Birmingham’s source for Tent Rentals!


Frame Tent Rentals*

20×40: $500/day     (Seats 64-80)

30×30: $550/day     (Seats 72-110)

30×40: $650/day     (Seats 96-140)

30×50: $750/day     (Seats 100-175)

30×60: $850/day     (Seats 144-192)

40×40: $1300/day   (Seats 128-160)

40×60: $1700/day   (Seats 215-245)

Tent Walls
Solid Side Walls:
$1.50/ Linear Foot
Cathedral Side Walls: $2.00/ Linear Foot
Clear Side Walls: $2.00/ Linear Foot

*Please see our policy and procedure information for rental hours and delivery information